Repaired AOD Vessel by The Rose Corporation

A.O.D. Vessel Repair

After years of using the A.O.D. Vessel under extreme heat conditions by a local specialty steel mill, the center main body bulged out of round by as

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Water Cooled Roof Rings

The Rose Corporation manufactured one 14′-0 Diameter and one 11′-0 Diameter replacement “Water Cooled Roof Rings” for use on Electric Arc Furnaces (see diagram below,

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Stainless Steel Cages

The Rose Corp has fabricated numerous Stainless Steel 304 Frames from structural steel shapes,angles, channels, bars and pipes per attached photos. They range in size

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

A thermal oxidizer is a type of air pollution control equipment used in manufacturing and other industrial processes to reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants such as volatile organic

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The Rose Corporation Ladle Repair Project (Before and After)

Ladle Repair Project

Recently, The Rose Corporation repaired a number of Ladles that are used to pour molten metal in large manufacturing and foundry processes. These Ladles are

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90-Ton Capacity Kettle

Among the large-scale steel and aluminum components regularly manufactured at the Rose Corporation are 90-Ton melting kettles used to process lead into a molten lead

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