Ladle Repair Project

Ladle Repair Project

Recently, The Rose Corporation repaired a number of Ladles that are used to pour molten metal in large manufacturing and foundry processes. These Ladles are prone to damage from the heat of the molten metal within them. Several of these Ladles had their Refractory Lining fail, resulting in their shells being damaged. In order to keep them in service, we performed the following services:

In our painting and blasting facility, we cleaned both the exterior and interior surfaces by blasting them using steel grit.

We then performed Magnetic Particle Testing and completed a thorough visual inspection of their critical welds and performed an Ultrasonic shell thickness check in a grid pattern. During this process, our team repaired any insufficiencies in the Ladles and welds.

We removed and replaced the upper “cone” portion of the shell along with the interior brick ring and associated stiffener gussets.

All Inspection and Repair documents were then submitted to the customer.

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