The Rose Corporation Field Services Division provides professional millwright services such as machinery moving, heavy equipment moving, transportation, and machinery rigging services. We are capable of moving machinery of all shapes and sizes in virtually every industrial environment.


We have the specialized equipment, industry experience, and expert knowledge to provide all of the support services for all of your equipment and machinery moving needs. We provide the rigging and moving services to un-install, skid, crate, temporarily store, load, ship, or transport, and re-install or arrange export for all of your machinery and equipment relocation projects.


Our riggers know and understand the importance of your machinery and will ensure that it is handled with the utmost caution and care.


The Rose Corporation millwrights are expertly trained craftsmen with the knowledge, skill, and expertise to ensure your machinery is installed and maintained with the utmost caution and care. They will oversee the machinery unloading & positioning, and then handle all installation including precise leveling, alignment, and coupling to ensure that everything operates according to specification.


Our millwrights have installed and maintained all sorts of machinery, including industrial furnaces, conveying equipment, motor & pump alignments, and numerous types of automated systems. We get the job done right, on time, and safely.